a land between sea
and mountains, vineyards
and wine.

In Abruzzo vineyards are located strating from the inland hillsides to the coastal areas close to the Adriatic sea. Wine production has deeply marked the history, traditions and economy of this territory.

The presence of vines in Abruzzo dates back to Roman times, since then, Abruzzo wines are mentioned in the writings of authors of all times, starting from Polibio, who mentioned the wines narrating the deeds of Hannibal in the battle of Canne.
Despite such an ancient history, the current reality of Abruzzo wine is modern and young. This region, once dedicated mainly to mass wine production, since the 60s of the last century, thanks to the work of far-sighted producers and great cooperatives, has achieved excellent results.
Trebbiano and Montepulciano wines were the main cultivated in the territory, but were added to these other quality wines, such as cerasuolo, obtained from a particular fermentation of Montepulciano grape, or the very successful white wines: pecorino, cococciola and passerina, as well as other local wines. Abruzzo is the sixth Italian region for wine production (33 thousand hectares of vineyards).