The cultivation of the olive tree and the production of the oil of our families dates back to the beginning of the last century and continues with our determination in the search for the absolute naturalness, biological and great value of crops and productions, in order to offer a product of absolute excellence.

Obtained exclusively from olives grown and processed in Abruzzo

Extra virgin
Olive Oil

We grow and produce truffles

Oronero tartufi is a registered trademark of “Sassocreta”.

The family business boasts a long experience in the knowledge of quality truffles that are harvested in the Abruzzo Region. It also owns truffle grounds in the Province of Chieti between the Maiella and the sea in fertile land suited to the cultivation of truffles, olives, vines and other excellent regional agricultural production. 

In the estate we select the products with professionalism and competence. In the company there are also limited productions of other quality agricultural products, which also give for the transformation of the truffle such as extra virgin olive oil, various spices, grapes, hazelnuts and walnuts.